As of February 1st, Google and Yahoo are implementing new email deliverability standards affecting Gmail, Google Workspace, Yahoo, Yahoo Business Email, and AOL users.

Why Should You Care?

Google and Yahoo have a combined user base of 2 billion people, and 30% of the world’s daily email traffic flows through Gmail. That means if you’re not following these new rules, your emails will end up in spam folders, never reaching your intended audience.

Requirements For Successful Email Delivery

  1. Email Authentication: This ensures your emails are coming from who you say they are. It’s like adding a digital ID to your emails. There are three main protocols involved: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  2. Easy Unsubscribing: One-click unsubscribe is now mandatory. No more hoops for recipients to jump through! This builds trust and keeps your email lists clean.
  3. Low Spam Complaint Rates: Keep your spam complaint rate below 0.3%. This means less than 3 out of every 1,000 emails you send can be marked as spam.

Don’t panic if this sound technical – we can help you test for compliance and implement each of these requirements as needed 😊

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PS. While several articles online mention a 5000/email daily limit before these changes are required, we have received calls from senders with much lower numbers and emails being blocked before implementing these changes. If you send ANY bulk email we recommend implementing all of these changes.