Press release: Coronavirus scam advisory

Urgent advisory issued by local IT expert about current scams

4/21/2020: Thousands of people in SLO County are being warned about a massive rise in online and phone scams, relating to the current situation. William Steffenauer of The Digital Solution has compiled a list of some of the most recent scams dreamed up by hackers and phone fraudsters.

“Local people really need to be warned about these,” explained William Steffenauer, an IT support and data security expert for the past 25 years. “Hackers have become very creative in the last few weeks. We’ve seen a massive surge in scams, all relating to what’s happening to us all”.

Now he’s issued an urgent advisory note, which can be downloaded free from Some of the recent scams spotted by IT experts include:

    • Investment “opportunities” that really are too good to be true
    • Loan offers with an upfront fee… but the loan never materializes
    • Clone emails that seem to come from reputable businesses, but don’t
    • And, cyber criminals using people’s social media accounts to build up profiles of them, and help with hacking their email

William Steffenauer added: “We’ve been supporting our business clients against these kind of scams for weeks now. And we felt we should do something to help the wider community in SLO County.”

The urgent advisory note can be downloaded free from