Work From Home Solutions


With the growing concern related to COVID-19 in our community, I know that you may be facing new challenges in your business. When it comes to technology, we are looking for ways to help you overcome these challenges. As part of our response we are providing remote access software for all our clients at no charge for the next 6 months*.

Providing employees access to company computers from home
With our work-from-home solution your employees can securely access a company computer from home. The only requirements are a high-speed internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer.

For additional details or to request remote access for an employee please call our office atΒ 805-855-0234.

If you have any questions about work-from-home solutions or any other technology concern please give give me a call πŸ™‚

*Our work-from-home solution is available to clients only and does not change the terms of your service agreement. If your service agreement is terminated for any reason, access to our work-from-home solution will also be terminated. The free service period will end September 15, 2020.