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New Client Information Gathering

We're excited to start working with you and your team!

Before we can start work though, we need to grab a few details to get set your business setup in our systems so our team can start helping you out.

This short intake process will only take a few minutes minutes, so grab yourself a coffee (or green smoothie 🤓) and let's dive in.

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This is so our team knows when we should and shouldn't call

Are you the Primary IT Contact of your business?

The Primary IT Contact is the person we will talk to about things like approving new user accounts, billing changes, authorized contact changes, security issues and anything else business related. (If yes, then we'll set you as the Primary IT Contact)

Please add the primary contact info below:

List any other people in your business that you'd like to authorize to have full access to your account?

Please list their First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone Number and Email Address on separate line items in the box below. If you ever need to remove any of these people, please just let us know

Ok - great - next up we need to find out where to send Invoices to (so we can make sure our team gets to eat 😁)

Please provide the contact info for your Accounts Payable person?


Great , thanks - we're nearly finished so hopefully you're enjoying your coffee (or green smoothie ).

These next few questions are optional - but help us tailor things to give you the best experience we can.

If we could wave a magic wand and solve the 3 most frustrating things in your business with Technology, what would they be?

(no promises, but it might give us some ideas for where we can help you get the most impact)

If you've worked with an MSP / Outsourced IT Service Provider before, what did you love about working with them?

(E.g. Their engineers always answered the phone directly when we called)

And, on the flipside - what (if anything) frustrated you about working with them?

(E.g. They never answered the call and always took ages to call us back)

Awesome - that's everything. Hope the coffee / smoothie tasted great.

Now, simply click the FINISH button we'll be notified of your responses and will get you all setup in our systems ready to go!

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Again - we can't wait to start working with you 😁