Backup & Disaster Recovery

Most Businesses, Both Small And Large, Cannot Afford To Halt Their Operations For Even A Day.

If a business is forced to stop critical business functions, this could lead to not only a loss of profit, but also a loss of loyal clients and customers. Therefore, many business owners consider business continuity to be a high priority, and for good reason. We will help you achieve business continuity so that the vital functions of your business will continue to operate in spite of serious disasters or issues.

Business Continuity

In order to ensure business continuity for all of our clients, we use the best of the best business continuity solutions. We are aware of the many disasters and problems that can force a business to have no choice but to halt operations. Therefore, we use a solution that is able to cover all your bases, so that your business is practically invincible from any threat.

The elements of our solution that will ensure business continuity are:

  • Continuous Recovery – The continuous recovery feature of our backup solution will ensure that you are prepared for any disaster that comes your business’ way. Believe it or not, continuous recovery is even more dependable than mere backups and disaster recovery. Continuous recovery gives a business the ability to recover their systems from any point in the past. Therefore, if you ever have to recover a system, you don’t have to worry about losing a substantial amount of data because you will be able to return the system to the exact point in time before the issues took root. Some of the continuous recovery features include unparalleled Delta tracking, centralized recovery monitoring, and minimal product impact.
  • Bare Metal Recovery – If you have ever had to use a backup before, you probably know firsthand how surprisingly difficult and lengthy the process can be. When it comes to your business, however, you may not have the resources or time to meet software and OS requirements to restore your computer system. Fortunately, the bare metal recovery feature of our solution will allow you to restore computer systems without meeting any of these requirements.
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery – If your business uses virtualization to reduce costs and use of resources, your data protection plan needs to take this virtualization into account. Fortunately, our solution features virtual disaster recovery that will ensure the protection of your virtual data. Some features of the virtual disaster recovery include hybrid-cloud backups and backup data deduplication.
  • On and Offsite Recovery – Data stored locally and in the cloud will be covered by the on and offsite recovery feature of our solution. Some elements of the on and offsite recovery solutions include a hybrid-cloud approach, local backup storage, and comprehensive backup coverage.
  • VMware Backup – For businesses that use VMware and Hyper-V, our solution features VMware backup. Some elements of the VMware backup feature include native VMware integration, granular data protection, and disaster recovery testing.
  • Data Archiving – If you want to allow your customers to have quick access to data even in the event of a technology disaster, you will be happy to know that our solution features data archiving.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize the importance of business continuity until a disaster causes them to have to halt operations for a lengthy period of time.  The Digital Solution realizes that accidents and disasters are sometimes unavoidable, which is why all businesses should have a strategy for business continuity. Since business continuity strategies can be intricate and complex, we worry about business continuity so that our clients don’t have to.