VoIP Services

Good Communication Is Necessary For The Success Of Just About Every Type Of Business.

Unfortunately, many small & medium businesses don’t have the time or simply cannot afford to purchase the infrastructure necessary for communication systems. In many cases, these businesses also don’t need the full-scale communication services that are often needed by larger organizations. To buy the infrastructure necessary would largely be a waste of money. As a result, many small & medium businesses feel as if they have no choice but to go without VoIP services.

After working many small & medium businesses, The Digital Solution discovered the great need for VoIP services of many smaller organizations. As a result, we have stratiegic partnerships with the leading VoIP providers

Our VoIP Services

Since all communication is controlled over the cloud, clients don’t need to purchase expensive infrastructure to take advantage of these VoIP services. Rather than purchasing pricey hardware, clients only pay a monthly cost for needed VoIP services. Leveraging the latest technology you can choose to use the WEBPHONE app, MOBILE app, or purchase a desktop phone for your office or home.

Our standard plan includes all of the basic and common features of VoIP. Clients only need to pay the basic subscription rate for these services. However, if clients decide they need more VoIP features, they can pick and choose the extra features they want and pay a flat fee per phone for each feature. Even if clients decide to go with the standard plan, they will get to enjoy a very feature-rich business phone system.

Here is some information about some of the standard and optional features we offer:

Standard Features

  • Keep your phone # – Clients can either port their existing phone number or they can choose their area code from a list of different cities. They also have the option of choosing an area code in which their business is not physically located.
  • Phone + Mobile + SMS – Yes, you can have a desktop phone. Yes, you can use a mobile app. and YES, you can send/receive SMS with your business phone number.
  • Direct Dial – Employees will have their own extension or their own phone number for direct dialing and messaging.
  • Voicemail – Clients will be able to manage messages in an organized and convenient fashion with the voicemail feature.
  • Video Phone Calls – With this feature, clients can make video-to-video phone calls at absolutely no extra cost. This will prove very helpful in situations where face-to-face contact is preferred.
  • Unified Messaging – All email, faxing, and voicemail messages will be sent to one inbox.
  • Three-way Calling – Your employees will be able to add a third line to a phone call to establish a three-way meeting or conference.

Optional Features

  • Fax-to-Email Service – Clients can get this feature to receive all faxed documents as PDF documents in their email inbox.
  • Additional Voicemail Boxes – This feature will allow better and more coherent organization of voicemails.
  • Call Recording – For quality control, training, and compliance purposes, this feature will come in handy.

The features discussed above are only a few of the many available. For more information about the VoIP services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.